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control has released a new numbers in the national meningitis outbreak. >> 119 cases reported including 11 deaths. the number in maryland is also on the rise. live at the state health department in west baltimore with the latest. >> a cases have been reported across the state including one person that has already died. the state department will not tell us where these cases were diagnosed and they won't release any other in this epic information. but the number has increased by 5 cents last week alone. the number has climbed to 11 including one person from maryland. of the cases reported in 10 states, eight are from maryland and that number could rise. >> they found it is an incubation period of about one week-four weeks. they can be quite some time between when people got the injection and when they start showing symptoms.
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>> of the outbreak has been linked to contaminated steroid shots the relieve back pain. they believe the contaminated medicine was made by the new in that compound in center and shipped to 28 states. it is the most rare of the types of meningitis, but it is not that easy to a get hot symptoms. >> it is not contagious and if you did not get one of these injections, you should not be concerned. >> they have already started reaching out to patients that might have been impacted. the massachusetts congressman said the outbreak has exposed gaps and oversight that needs to be addressed. >> of the state does not have full authority at the federal government does not have full authority. as a result, there is a regulatory black hole that this company is allowed to sell drugs across the united states without the fda on the job.
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>> be specialty pharmacy at the heart of the meningitis outbreak has voluntarily pulled its license. it for a full list of all the maryland facilities that have possibly been affected, had our web site and click on medical alert. in west baltimore, tv revenues. >> we have learned a city police officer will not be terse criminally in the case of an accidental shooting that resulted in the death of a 13- year-old girl. no charges will be filed citing insufficient evidence. a rival connected to the case was found in his personal vehicle. he was accidentally shot by two young black jeans back in march and her body was hidden under trash bags. he now faces an internal affairs investigation to decide if he will face disciplinary action
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within the department. he remains suspended with pay. >> investigating a homicide in northeast baltimore, investigators responding to the 600 block just before 9:30 last night or that found a man lying in the street where he died in a hospital. police are continuing to look for clues in the death of a teenage girl. she was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head sunday night in northwest baltimore. she had been reported missing since march. a family member indicated that she had been experiencing problems. >> sometimes as little girls, we go through things, but that is just part of growing up to be a woman. now this little girl will never know what she could have become. >> police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> of the state delegate will
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have to pay the state after pleading guilty to lawmaker does conduct. they reached a plea deal after they said she paid an employee $800 in state money. she was sentenced to one year in jail with all the time suspended and is also subject to three years of supervised probation and 300 hours of community service. >> this has been a long process for myself, my family, my constituents. and while this is a very sad day for me, i am glad that we brought about a resolution and i think both sides are satisfied. >> it is not clear how the guilty plea will affect her ability to serve in the house of delegates. first, there was smoke on the plains of tampa bay. dodge a power outage that
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delayed the train ride to the big apple and the birds are in new york city tonight. game 3 is scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:37. the first team to win three games and moves on. turkey animation, keep checking in with the byrd land faithful. team coverage of the post-season magic, we begin tonight with pete gilbert and a look back to a vitoria's day in orioles history. >> outside of yankee stadium, no workouts today. the teams are getting arrested for game 3 on wednesday. where we're standing is just a ball park right here. this is where the old yankee stadium was, and a 12-year-old named jeffrey mayer reached down into the field of play, and took away what was going to be a catch and he got a home run, one
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of the most infamous plays in major-league baseball playoff history. the 28-year-old will not be in attendance of this series at all. she is living in new hampshire and married to a red sox fans that he has to deal with. >> well put. it reaching postseason play is nothing new with the exception of 2008. the yankees have made the playoffs every non-strike season had the extraordinary legacy isn't adding much height -- i in new york. we have more from yankee stadium. >> of the call before the storm here at yankee stadium, and we are pretty surprised by the lack of enthusiasm and the bronx showing that we do things a lot differently and baltimore. >> it was so quiet, you could
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almost hear a pin drop the day before the third divisional playoff game. so quiet that the only way you would know there was a playoff game was by this loans created advertising the game on top of the stadium. orioles fans were hard to find, but we found one in he was really excited to see the orioles back in the playoffs. >> i have respect for the team that came out of nowhere and they have been doing really good things. they just changed the whole team around, the dynamic of the team. they were not playing like this a few years ago, you know? it is pretty good. >> tomorrow will certainly be a lot different, and hopefully at of baltimore fans will show up and because we need somebody to see them win, right? >> many fans are scrambling to head their following last
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night's win, but how much would it cost you? a plane about $400. the bus offers round-trip for about 40 bucks. the train will cost $125, just one way. if you spend the night, it will be $84 to $1,000. there is the ticket to the game that can set you back anywhere from $50 to $10,000. tickets are said to be more plentiful in new york but before you shell out any major money, we have tips to prevent scanners from selling new bogus tickets. >> the yankees could be a swing away. >> magic went into full swing at the midnight strike out.
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the excitement is fueling ticket sales for the potential home game. they sold out their supply in an hour. individuals are offering c to ranging from 200 and $1,200. >> it took 15 years to get to this point and the amount of excitement is worth every penny. >> i don't mind the high price. >> they only play next week if they win the series. ticket brokers are selling seats now. >> if you buy the tickets and the game doesn't occur, you will get your money back. >> legitimate ticket vendors will refund the price of the ticket except for shipping and handling if the games don't happen. scam artists will try to exploit that situation. >> using the right source to buy your tickets, and if you are not using a credit card, if you are
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leaving it up to chance, then you really don't have a lot of records in you will be sitting at the pub across the street with everybody else. god counterfeit tickets are about during playoff season. check the exact location to make sure that it may actually exist. we found some fans that prefer to scalp. >> we meet up with people at the stadium and we are cash exchange. we're not getting any information over the computer. >> get this, world series tickets are already for sale for a potential game here at camden yards. the price tag is between 702,000. the caveat that you might get your money -- that you will get your money back to for some fees.
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>> $700? i will see half of the game and you can see the other half. if you still want to show your passion, had the city hall in the morning and the mayor will post a rally at outside city hall. the mayor is encouraging city workers to wear orange and everyone loves freebies. they will be given out at tomorrow morning's rally. we showed you the cool orange -- and since then, have also come in and that is all. you can show us your orange on our web site and the mobile application. >> coming up next, the former penn state coach will be in prison for what will most likely be the rest of his life. >> they believe a lot of teachable moments will come from this horrifying case. dodge a bizarre death, what the
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man ate just minutes before he died. >> a world-record attempt doesn't even get off of the ground. >> drizzle and fog in the area tonight. the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> the former penn state coach received a 30-60 year sentence for sexually abusing 10 boys over several years. he left the courthouse to begin what amounts to life behind bars. he delivered a 15 minute statement repeating claims of innocence he made in a radio statement monday night.
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prosecutors call his statements ridiculous while defense attorneys say they will appeal the conviction. >> his statement today was a masterpiece of the nile and self delusion. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> we believe if we had the time, we could prove his innocence. >> and they confronted him in court and one said, we both know exactly what happened. you should be ashamed of yourself. experts say the case will comprise many essential lessons about child abuse and the impact on society. a local child advocacy expert thinks this case could serve as a tipping point in prosecutions and prevention. dodge the convicted child abuse our walking in his prison
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jumpsuit just prison -- just sentenced to 30 years in prison, a conclusion that experts say will have a lasting impact on child abuse victims, creditors, and how their cases are handled. >> the have to take these cases to trial. >> of the executive director of the baltimore child abuse center. >> it sends a message that there is no tolerance for people that abuse the trust of the community. >> any allegation of abuse is afforded to the baltimore child abuse center where advocates and social workers interview children and their families to determine what is going on. the center sees more than 1000 children a year and as many as six families a day. the case should teach that it can happen anywhere to anybody. one and four girls and one in six boys will be abused by age 18.
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that must be reported even if it is just a suspicion and it is never too late. >> we need to be trained better. if you haven't asked questions your child at summer camp, about who is watching the kids and how often they are alone, what is the supervision, maybe you should take this elsewhere and we should be better consumers. dodge a florida man is dead after eating dozens of cockroaches and worms as part of a contest. a 32-year-old in just the insects and reptiles store, the grand prize was a python. shortly after winning, he began throwing up and collapsed in front of the store. none of the other contestants became sick and contestants had to sign a waiver saying that they don't have allergies to show fish which are similar halogens to cockroaches.
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>> red bull might give the wings as long as it is not to wendy. >> of the wind is taking be blown out. >> that will be a problem. they sponsored a skydivers attentive for an out of this world record but mother nature had some other ideas. fearless felix wants to drop 23 death the 5 miles over new mexico that can break the sound barrier. the wind halted. there is no word yet from when he will make that attempt again. >> your forecast with chief meteorologist. >> like range around the baltimore area. not all that great. you'll find the sprinkles with light showers and fog forming over night.
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they came in the early morning, just under 0.8 inches a month and 61 degrees at the airport. and much cooler than normal day. 28 the record low a snowflake against baltimore. the earliest however, i guess you could say that the season has begun. the low clouds, the yankees and orioles can't get away from the wet weather that is going on island along the eastern seaboard. trapping the heat against the crowd, temperatures are holding steady tonight. it is a little bit of clearing out west that will stay in the upper 40's to mid 50's overnight.
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it is approaching and the hen -- it shifts to the southwest. after a cloudy start, we should see breaks in the clouds as the next front is approaching to the north and west. even showers around new york, as they are trying to play, a chance for a light shower a horror sprinkles might be a brief one in the evening tomorrow. the skies will clear. another front flies through here on friday. the beautiful weather settles for the weekend. none of them have a lot of moisture. morning clouds and fog give way to partly cloudy skies and maybe sprinkle to the north during the afternoon or evening which is where the yankees and orioles will be playing.
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a 20% chance, after that, it clears out quickly. most of the game will see hot guys have 14 miles an hour. when will be out of the south. they felt like winter out there the last few days of the shower tomorrow and a beautiful sunny day in the western maryland mountains on thursday. temperatures in the 70's tomorrow, including the delaware beaches and the lower eastern shore, temperatures milder tomorrow at clearing off a little bit. we cool into the low 60's thursday. a sprinkle as possible friday as the next front goes through. studies guys and beautiful football weather on sunday. stick around for late night with jimmy fallon. >> quite an eccentric acting started his show.
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>> that is a spicy meatball. >> christopher walken and tonight. >> that should be worth sticking around for. expecting to see dallas taking a different approach this week than with the kansas city chiefs and the browns before that. who will tell you the latest next in sports. >> across america, it is mega millions. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated until it does $45 million. you must match 5 wide balls and the golden egg the ball. our next tonight is 22, followed by 15, followed by six.
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16, and the final white ball is 37. tonight's medical number is 3. 22, 15, 6, 16, 37 and 3. we
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>> and just as they did in the regular season, they are even with the yankees in the division series. they keep looking for starring roles, but others continue to struggle. there is a rumbling of new batting order for alex rodriguez. after problems forced them, the run in game 2 last night at the yard, it remains possible in this series. it is still something we probably won't ever see again in the playoffs. they stood nine and nine, now 1 and 1. the orioles felt confident, but
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the yankee manager did not sound convincing this afternoon when he said he has no plans to change his batting order. he left the door open for dropping rodriguez. he has one hit and nine at bats this series. the only number that matters is three, three wins to advance. >> you have to note when three or lose three. you know what i would be talking about if we were not able to win. but it is one when closer to winning three. we got through texas knowing that we had to win 11 games. it is hard. we have a tough task ahead of us. >> gonzales takes his first-ever post-season start. he has a 2-0 record against the yankees this year. the rookie starts first as the
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yankees. completely different challenge, they face the past two weekends. the pass defense has come on weeks with two interceptions last sunday in kansas city. he has a streak in play, each of the past two games. dallas comes off by. tony romo plenty of time. >> we have a quarterback that is capable, doing amazing things. maybe the most balanced receiving corps in football. miles austin is a great player, for really good receivers. a great tight end and home-run hitting running backs. have lots of weapons and everybody knows that.
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>> of the ravens will travel to texas to play the texans. cushing suffered torn knee ligaments and will miss the rest of the season. that is the one thing you can never plan, the biggest game changer out there. >> painful, too. >> up next with the seven-day forecast after this. forecast after this.
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...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >> some sprinkles? >> it all slowly moves away tomorrow, getting us to 70 in the afternoon. another front coming through, assuring beautiful weather. a second front friday brings in some beautiful weekend weather. a beautiful for football at all at all, a pretty good forecast when we get out from underneath this cloudy sprinkle thing. >> get ready for the riding festival. it is a little late to prepare. it is a little late to prepare. >> and jay leno is next, we
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- tyler perry, olympic runner oscar pistorius,

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